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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Give Zinny Butter!!!

Zinny, the queen of the universe (who we ALL serve), is quite refined. Except when she requires butter. This is when she jumps on the counter. Not to worry. The universe is safe. I've got it covered. I know where the butter is kept in the queen's palace and I will give her only the finest organic local butter. If I can't find that, she will have unsalted Irish butter. She approves.

Domestic cats have co-evolved with dairy animals. Unlike humans, who are generally intolerant of un-fermented dairy, cats require fatty whole milk products for optimal health. (Goat milk is superior.) I give her about a teaspoon a day and occasionally a saucer of un-pasteurized goats milk or kefir. She also eats organic cat kibble and fresh fish daily.

I might be prejudiced, but I noticed immediate health and behavioral improvements in my cats after discovering this nutritional need. Also the lush coat of a butter-eatin' queen is something to behold! (Hey, if you ate nothing but processed canned food and kibble, your coat would look like heck too!)

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