Tasty Bite!
An edible fall flower, Hollyhock, with stamen removed and filled with: Saffron Risotto, Butternut Squash, topped with Sprouted Black Lentils and Micro Leeks

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wild Harvested Water!!!! Order ASAP. Here we come: Topeka, Kansas City. Lawence, Saint Joseph and points in between!

Choose from:

~ Ancient mineral water from an active crystal cavern geyser (Ward, Colorado)

~ Glacier-ice springs in Caribou, Colorado

~ Caribou Spring-fed Well Water.

Need to Pre-sell 200 gallons before we make the trip!

( Group Discount! We will deliver to your meet-up site. In Kansas City, Saint Joseph, Topeka, Lawrence or points in between. Minimum 50 gal orders)

$5 a gallon - bring your own container

$3 a gallon for 100 gallons or more. (Plus market price for containers)

Pre-pay to Pay Pal:

Indicate your choice of water. Try one one of earch!

Please call or text with questions and suggestions.



This is a fund-raiser to finance the trip to return Devlon's cargo trailer to the Midwest after Val used it to move there and start a sustainable living retreat. I tell you his so you will know that by enjoying the health benefits and delightful sensation of glacier and ancient spring waters, you are also supporting community of those wanting to create change for our mother and for the 7th generation. Peace be with you.

We are thrilled to provide you with fresh wild-harvested water form our region.

Wild-Harvested Water!!! ```from Colorado to Topeka, Kansas City, Lawrence and points in between. Order ASAP. Here we come!

Val Rae Jacobson


Chef & Nutritional Consultant

Nederland, Colorado

Living Food & Water Workshop

6 PM to 8:30 PM

Choose from the following dates:

• Weds, March 28

• Friday, April 6*

• Friday, April 20*

• Weds, April 11

• Weds. April 25

• Friday, May 11*

• Weds. May 18

• Friday, June 15*


*Ask about 3-day weekend workshops

Learn to prepare a living meal that even your family will enjoy!

Featuring: All organic, sustainably-grown fresh local produce, sprouted, dehydrated

and fermented foods.

Learn the importance of living foods and living water to your health, healing potential and vitality.

$35 per person or $60 per couple:

Introduction to Living Food Workshop:

2 hour participatory workshop includes a full living meal, smoothly and dessert.


Wild-harvested Water-Tasting:

~ Ancient mineral water from an active crystal cavern geyser (Ward, Colorado)

~ Glacier-ice springs in Caribou, Colorado

~ Caribou Spring-fed Well Water.

(Includes demonstration of Kangen Water filtration and benefits of filtering and controlling the

alkalinity of your city or well-water.)

Now Accepting New Clients

in Nederland & Golden

more information and free recipes @

google: What's Not Cooking At Val's

Please Call or Text My Cell Phone: 816-385-3337

Body Lotion

Body Lotion
Shipped anywhere in US or Canada.
All organic gluten-free ingredients. Whole-herb infusions are extracted by slow-cooking in oil for 10 to 22 days at consistently low temperature in surgical stainless steel solar-powered Saladmaster cooking Crock.
Choice of :
A.  Holy Cow! - Organic dairy-butter infused with cannabis, Superfoods vanilla bean caviar and Himalayan pink salt

B. Bonanza Butter 80-% Coconut, 20% Local Cow Dairy!
C. Raw extra-virgin organic coconut butter infused with cannabis, maple-syrup sugar and Ormus Super Greens

C. Plainz - Raw Extra Virgin Coconut oil infused with cannabis

Prices as Follows:
4 oz. $25 (OR, $20 each for 5 or more)
8 oz. $50 (OR, $40 each for 4 or more)
16 oz. $100 (or $80 for 2 or more)
SPECIAL LIMITED ADDITION: Raw extra virgin organic coconut butter infused with Cannabis, Superfoods vanilla bean caviar, goji berries and fresh-whole-leaf stevia.
8 oz. $80 (or 2 for $120)
All Containers will be labeled "not for human consumption."

Custom Living Seed Crackers
All organic, highest quality ingredients: Sprouted golden flax seeds, macaroon coconut, raw honey, turmeric, Himalayan pink salt, fresh herbs and coconut infused with cannabis. May contain other seasonings and or vegetables, vegetable juices, citrus powders or juices, nutritional yeast or goat cheeses, peppers or paprika's,, sprouted nuts or seeds. Please alert me to preferences and food sensitivities. I can customize crackers to your liking: spicy, sweet, crunchy, chewy...
Each cracker is unique! 22" round serves 4 - $14 plus shipping (or add to butter order for no addition shipping charges)
1/2-round, serves 2 - $8 plus shipping
1/4-round, serves 1 - $5 plus shipping
Indicate "Happy Crackers" or "Plainz". Plainz does not have canibus.
Paypal in advance,
Please pay for shipping fees on second order.
Orders over $200, shipped free anywhere in US.