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Good advise from people I respect:

Kevin Geonni (Renigade Health Show) 12/09/12
Today's question we get a lot.  So I'm going to address it as
fully as I can.

This is from Katy:

"My question is, how should I go about finding a practitioner
to work with, when most of them haven't even heard of eating
raw before? Thank you, Katy"

Katy, this is a great question.

This question reminds me of so many times in life when people
give you advice when they know nothing about the issue they're
talking about.

The most notable example is when fat old Uncle Jimmy - stomach
resting on the table, 3 heart attacks deep - tries to tell you
that you need more protein.

Clearly, that strategy isn't working for him, so why should you
adopt it too.

There are more examples, but that's not what I'm going to focus
on here.

So here are the issues you need to address in this situation to
find a practitioner who is in alignment with your views on health.

1. It's important to have a health coach.

I can't tell you how valuable this is.

Every great sports player, business man or woman, politician,
or anyone else who's done something great has a mentor.

So why don't you have one for your health?

It's a good question.

You need to find one.

2. Your practitioner does need to at least know what the raw
food diet is about.

Yes, you're right that you need to find someone who has heard
about the raw food diet.

They will be sympathetic to your mission and goals.

A Republican doesn't want to have a Democrat as a coach.

So you don't want to have an MD that knows nothing about

Or a practitioner who doesn't know that raw veggies are actually
pretty darn good for you. ;-)

3. You want to make sure that they're not too far into raw
food as well.

This may be a little controversial to you, but let me explain.

If your coach is rigid, then you're likely going to set yourself
up for failure.

Rigidity can lead you far away from what you're looking for -
which is great health.

If your coach is 100% and believes that everyone should do the
same without exception, please find someone else to work with.

They may not have you in mind when you run into issues.

Or worse, they may tell you that you're experiencing detox
symptoms that have no end in sight.

The raw food diet is an incredible healing and cleansing diet.

It's benefits are many.

It at times can be too cleansing as well, so allowing all types
of whole foods to be your tools and medicine is going to lead
you toward success in the long run.

Trust me. :-)

Dr. Williams has been my health mentor for 2 years now.  He
doesn't eat all raw.  He did do vegan and raw for 14 years.

So he fits the mold, in terms of knowledge, experience and

4. Go where the raw foodies are.

The best way to find a practitioner is to go where the health
nuts are!

Go to meet ups, ask at the health food store, go to lectures
at wellness centers.

This is where you'll get to know some people who can help and
will be able to work with you.

You'll also be able to get real feedback on how each one of these
practitioners works with their patients.

That's valuable info!

5. Interview potential practitioners.

Just because someone gives you a referral doesn't mean that the
practitioner is right for you.

Go to a few... interview them.

You're hiring them, so you should pick the best.

It's funny that we'd get 2-3 estimates on repairs for our house,
but we'll go to the first doctor or practitioner without even
meeting with others to see how they fit in with our philosophies
and belief systems.

What's more important to you?

I hope I know the answer to that one!

Anyway, Katy, hope this helps.  Let us know how this works out
for you!

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