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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still true after 5 years cancer-free!

Note to the Masses. LOL

I know I'm supposed to eat them for optimal health, but what do I do with all those veggies and fruits, anyway?

Gourmet Raw Food's Chef, Val Rae says, "Celebrate them!"

This is an inside peek at what I'm cooking and not cooking for optimal health. A raw foods diet is not always 100% raw. I will demonstrate 80% raw, also known as "high-raw" (high percentage of raw foods) because that is the way I live.

I started eating this way to ready myself for cancer treatments. It turned out the food IS the treatment. My carcinoma-in-situ high-grade (breast cancer) went from "life-threatening" to "gone" in 7 months. I did not expect it, but now I know, it was not a miracle. I'm not the only one. Look into it. There many success stores out there.

Although I believed that I had made mostly healthy choices in the past, I was also aware that I had been battling an array of physical, emotional and mental challenges most of my adult life.

As I transitioned to a cleansing diet, additional positive side effects stated showing up for me: emotional balance; escape from debilitating addictive behaviors; enhanced clarity of mind; strengthening of physical body and a desire to exercise; increased connection to creativity and spirit -- all things that I believed were lost to me (and humankind). I was probably clinically depressed! I attribute this awakening to rejecting SAD corporate food-like substances* and learning to celebrate real foods. Gratitude soon took over greif and now my spirit is alive again!

When toxins are removed from our systems, we can stop fighting for survival and allow ourselves the joyful experience of thriving!**

*This term,"food-like substances," cracks me up. It's so true. I first heard it used by Michael Pollan in The Omnivore's Dilemma. Go Michael! (
** I learned the difference between surviving and thriving from Tim Van Orden. Tim encouraged me to RUN again! (

The diseases and conditions vary. The cure is the same: Eat mostly raw, highest-quality, organic, plant-based diet, harvested as freshly as possible. AND, don't stress out. Love. Relax. It's your nature. Reclaim it.

I'll show you how to make it enjoyable, affordable and easy! I welcome your questions and suggestions!

Hugs! -Val

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