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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smoothies Vs. Juices... Let's rumble. :-)

(From Kev Gianni, Renigade Health Show)

Smoothies Vs. Juices... Let's rumble. :-)

The debate is a hot topic and it covers these
important issues...

1. Oxidation
2. Fiber
3. Sugar Content
4. Available Nutrients
5. Ease of Making them.

I'll run over three points now and two more

(I do need to start by saying that we drink both,
but for different reasons.)

Number 1: Oxidation

It's said that high speed blenders can oxidize
your nutrients so that when you drink a smoothie
you won't get the health benefit of it.

This is why you should drink juices instead.

This is false.

Victoria Boutenko did a study using potatoes in
a blender and in a juicer and found that the
potatoes in a blender oxidized much more SLOWLY
than the potato juice.

Fiber actually protects the smoothie from
oxidizing quickly.

Juices should be consumed right after you make
them for the highest nutrient profile.

Twin gear juicers like the Tribest are best for
slowing the oxidizing process when you juice.

(We sell these in the Renegade Health store)

So the bottom line is this...

Smoothies oxidize slower, which means you will
be able to preserve more nutrients for longer.

For oxidation, we like smoothies best.

Number 2: Fiber

Don't we need fiber to prevent heart disease?

Why would we take the fiber out when we make a

These are good questions.

First off, we do need fiber... but if we're
eating a high raw diet we're getting plenty
of fiber. Your body won't miss the fiber from
the juice.

Why take the fiber out of the juice?

For fast absorption (and maximum) of the

A juice to me is like a power-packed supplement
to your regular healthy diet.

For fiber, the smoothie has more, but the juice
has a different purpose.

Number 3: Sugar Content

For sugar content, if you're using fruits and
sweet vegetables for your juices and smoothies
you're going to get sugar.

Most people can deal with moderate amounts of
sugar in their diet for an extended period of
time. (Higher sugar for shorter periods)

Because there is fiber in your smoothie, your
body will absorb the sugar slower. This is
good for your pancreas.

When you juice fruit, you take away the fiber
and this can cause your pancreas to struggle
to regulate your blood sugar.

For this reason, I recommend smoothies with
sweet fruits and veggies and juices with greens
and low glycemic fruits like lemons and limes.

This way you can enjoy your fruits without
blood sugar spikes and enjoy a nice, clean
green juice!

Hope this helps clear some things up for you!

(From Kev Gianni, Renigade Health Show)

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