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Saturday, January 2, 2010

What's in the Freezer at Val's

Hey, wait. That's not really my freezer is it? Wow, what's that in front? Empty places to put things? No Way! Delightful. Okay, I'm easy to please. But, I have to say, having a clean, organized freezer it the best feeling. Ever since Teresa Moylan helped me organize my pantry, I've been on a roll... Thank you Teresa!Let me know if you would like Teresa and I to help you with kitchen coaching and pantry organization. We're a team. We don't charge too much and we won't tell anybody about the chocolate and Cheeze-puffs.
(Saint Joseph and Kansas City area)

Okay, What's in my freezer?
  • Ice for the ice chest comes out of the ice maker. I use clean-source water in trays for chillin' the Chichory hazelnut drinks.
  • Then, there's the frozen blueberries and a big jar of sun-dried wild Canadian blueberries. I stocked up because they are seasonal.
  • The big jar in the middle is muesli (Raw rolled oats with dried fruits). I could keep it in the fridge, if there was room. (I won't bore you with the fridge)
  • Behind the muesli jar are bags of hemp, sesame and flax seeds, buckwheat grouts and some frozen coconut mylk.
  • There is a plastic zip-lock bag full of favas and behind that are some cow beans.
  • Then, there's a bunch of jars full of nutmeats, raisins, gojis, sultaines and other yummy things to add to muesli and use as ingredients for goodies.
  • There's a container of hummus and some left-over peanut-butter macaroons (glass dish).
  • I also store soft seeds like sunflower, pumpkin and fennugreek in the freezer. I have extra in the garage-fridge. but, I like having them on hand and it doesn't hurt to freeze them.
  • Bottom shelf: clean-source water ice cubes for hazel-nut chicory chillin'; a bowl with 3 persimmons* (They will turn into a delightful freezy or pudding treat after thawing a bit); more nutmeats and seeds in glass jars so I can always see how much is left.

*See Easy Persimmon Freezy Recipe in this blog

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